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A Year of Exploration: Highlights from Expedition Detroit's 1st Year

Times flies when you're exploring Detroit's outdoors! Now that we have officially crossed into Year 2, here's a quick recap of our favorite highlights from Expedition Detroit's inaugural year in the field - as well as glimpses into where we're heading with our platform.

Expedition Detroit exploring hiking outdoor adventures michigan

"OK... we're live."

I'll never forget saying those words audibly, by myself, sitting on my living room couch. The moment occurred late on a Friday night - actually, it was probably Saturday morning by then - after reading and re-reading my first article for the 100th time that day. Our digital marketing and web design specialist had finally gone to bed after I had lit up her phone incessantly over the previous month. The branding was complete, design work wrapped up, initial concepts planned, and the site appeared somewhat user-friendly.

All that remained on my to-do list was click that one, terrifying button.

"Here we go..."

With that unceremonious action, a dream that had consumed far too many early morning coffee cups and dinnertime conversations instantaneously became a reality. Suddenly every aspect of my professional life became geared towards supporting this fledgling enterprise, a vision for creating the ultimate value incubator for the entirety of our region's outdoor industry. A one-stop shop for the best trails, experiences, retailers, events, causes, and more within an hour's drive of Downtown Detroit. A mission to fundamentally change the way that Detroit, the Great Lakes, and the rest of the world views our magnificent natural environment. And most importantly, an unquenchable desire to serve our outdoor community by advocating for the creation, expansion, and protection of our outdoor spaces.

To summarize, it was finally time to get to work - a ****-ton of work - with no guarantee of how the Detroit region's outdoor community would react to our arrival.

Well, one year later, we're ecstatic to announce that we have found our place amidst Detroit's thriving, exciting, diverse, and overwhelmingly-welcoming community. This past year has brought forth more ground-breaking experiences, dynamic partnerships, and once-in-a-lifetime chances than we could have ever hoped for. Yes, this year has also featured a plethora of mistakes made and lessons learned. However, we as a team couldn't be more excited for the breadth of opportunities that are already starting to align for Year 2 and beyond. Truly, we still feel like we're just getting started.

Before moving full steam ahead into this next year of our operations, we wanted to briefly pause and look back on our favorite highlights from this past year. While we would never bother you with a short novel on our brief history, we wanted to share our most popular articles and memorable adventures from this past year. Long-time readers, we hope that you enjoy this trek down memory lane. Recent converts, hopefully this provides a glimpse into where we've been and the momentum that we're carrying into our next phase of expeditions.

Here's a quick recap of our favorite highlights from Expedition Detroit's Inaugural Year:

Expedition Detroit exploring hiking outdoor adventures michigan


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