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Detroit is a world-class outdoor destination worth exploring, celebrating, and protecting.

That is the core belief of Expedition Detroit, and if that strikes you as surprising, you’re certainly not alone.

We invite you to join our community of outdoor enthusiasts that are discovering a lifetime of exploration opportunities within an hour’s drive of Downtown Detroit. Whether it's a morning hike on a wooded trail, paddling through a pristine river, ripping down a mountain bike trail, finding a new ski line, or watching the sunset from a tree stand, Detroit's outdoors have the natural beauty and wealth of experiences that recreationists of any interest, skill level, age, or background can uncover, explore, and enjoy.

The Monument to Joe Louis at the Detroit Institute of the Arts (DIA)
A beautiful aerial view above the Huron River in Detroit, Michigan


The mission of Expedition Detroit is to create and accelerate value for Detroit’s emerging outdoor industry. Our business will provide guidance for discovering this region’s best outdoor experiences, facilitate access to top tier retailers, amplify key voices within the outdoor community, and highlight the benefits of an outdoor-centric lifestyle.


We vow to support conservation through promoting impactful organizations, educating our community on landmark laws and regulations, and  publicizing volunteer opportunities.


Every business has its own definition of success. Ours is simply the moment when our core belief - that Detroit is a world-class outdoor destination worth exploring, celebrating, and protecting - becomes common knowledge on a global scale.


Until then, our passion will consist of creating content that enriches experiences, inspires new adventures, facilitates outdoor lifestyles, and protects the best of the Detroit region for generations to come.


We can’t wait to see you out there.

A man snowshoes down a winter trail at Hines Drive Park in Plymouth, Michigan.
Tree Silhouettes


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