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From campgrounds to trailheads, national parks to local gems, and ski resorts to kayak launches, explore the must-see destinations of the Detroit region. 
Two men kayak down the Huron River at Proud Lake State Park Michigan


Michigan's state parks and recreation areas offer beauty and adventure around every corner. While the state park network covers the entire state, there are 25 immaculate and accessible parks in the Detroit region.

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Located primarily along the Huron and Clinton Rivers, the Metropark system spans the Detroit metropolitan area and provides a natural oasis for more than 7 million visitors each year.* 

The Metroparks are open 365 days a year, providing residents endless opportunities to enjoy the full spectrum of Southeast Michigan’s four-season environment. 

*Data from The Huron-Clinton Metropark's Website.

Expedition Detroit Topographic Map
A quite summer evening out on the Huron River in Michigan


The Detroit region is home to 8 distinct water trails, including the Detroit Heritage River Water Trail straddling an international border and the 104-mile Huron River National Water Trail.


There's a lifetime of waterways to explore. Grab your paddle, we'll see you out there.

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