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The Impact of Midterm Election Results on Your Outdoors

Midterm elections fundamentally shape the future of outdoor recreation within the Detroit region and across the United States. As Americans head to the polls today, each outdoor enthusiast should consider the lessons learned from recent elections - especially the key bipartisan factors that have led to historic protection for our great outdoors.

Midterm Elections Matter. If you've opened your social media feed any time over the last month, you've most likely stumbled across this message an unfathomable number of times. That apparent platitude keeps popping up because it rings absolutely true - especially when it comes to the protection and expansion of outdoor recreation opportunities in your township, state, and country.

We at Expedition Detroit are not in the candidate-endorsement business. We are in the outdoor business, and both sides of the political aisle have consistently proposed landmark legislation aimed towards furthering the best interests of our natural resources. We support or attack interests and policies, not parties or people.

Spoiler alert: the most constructive, protective, and beneficial interests, policies, and actions have resulted from bipartisan collaboration. Unfortunately - or should I say shamefully - midterm elections often result in a primetime showcase for divisive politics, which produce formidable stumbling blocks for meaningful action down the road.

That aspect of midterms alone highlights their utmost importance for our region and country.

Why are Midterm Elections So Important?

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