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Battle of the Buckets: The Best Ski Helmets of Winter 2023

There's nothing like an early March snowstorm to remind Detroit that ski season isn't over! If you are looking to hit the slopes for the first time and need a helmet - or are way overdue for a replacement - then this is the article for you. Here are the best ski helmets for Winter 2023!

Do you remember the last time that you thought about your helmet? I mean critically and thoroughly thought about your ski or snowboard helmet beyond that credit card swipe. Even just a quick review of its technical specifications, performance features, or functional longevity.

Have no fear, friends - this article is not an Expedition Detroit community condemnation open letter. It's a gear review article, clean and simple. In fact, we're just as guilty of apathy towards our most important piece of equipment.

Until very recently, that is.

It's amazing how experiencing two direct helmet-to-tree collisions, while falling over 100 feet on double-black terrain in the Rocky Mountains, has an effect of bringing the importance of helmet qualifications to the forefront of your attention. If that scenario sounds oddly specific, well... yours truly lived through that exact scenario just over a week ago. I was fortunate enough to ski away with only jello legs and a slightly bruised ego (on a related note, check your DIN settings). If I hadn't been wearing my sturdy Bern helmet - or, God forbid, any helmet - my skiing days and/or life could have ended in those trees.

Please don't wait until you're in a similar, extreme situation to give your helmet a second thought. To simplify any helmet-searching efforts, our team bunkered down and researched the best ski helmets for curating this list of the "Top 5 Best Ski Helmets" currently offered on the market. While all of these helmets contain the industry-standard safety requirements, each of these helmets also contain special features that differentiate their fit, comfort, style, and technical aspects from the rest of the market.

You're going to like the way you ride in these buckets.


Brand: GIRO

Rating: 4.7/5

Price: $249.95

Sizes: S-M-L

Warranty: Limited Lifetime

When it comes to protecting your noggin, compromising simply isn't an option. The Giro Tor Spherical Helmet is made for steep and deep conditions with the new MIPS® Spherical Technology™ that facilitates the highest level of protection. The adjustable ventilation allows you to maintain all-day comfort no matter the varying conditions, and the fit system helps make micro-adjustments a breeze even with gloves on. The new magnetic buckle closure is a one-handed operation that is easy to open and close.


Brand: SMITH

Rating: 4.9/5

Price: $325.00

Sizes: S-M-L

Warranty: Limited Lifetime

For the devout skier or snowboarder looking for premium fit, function, and protection, look to the Smith Nexus MIPS Helmet. A hybrid shell construction combines lightness and durability while maintaining a low profile (i.e. no bobblehead aesthetics here), and the helmet's features also include complete

Koroyd® coverage AND MIPS for elevated protection.


Brand: PRET

Rating: 4.9/5

Price: $164.99 (CURRENTLY ON SALE)

Sizes: S-M-L

Warranty: One Year

If anything is going to incite fury on a pow day, it's a hot, clammy, ill-fitting helmet. The Pret Fury X MIPS Helmet sets a new high mark for fit and comfort, with lightweight construction, the intuitive RCS QR Fit System, and breezy Level C Tuned Ventilation that allows riders to control airflow with a single lever. It's the go-to choice for Pret's pro athletes, and it deserves a spot on your dome, too.


Brand: ANON

Rating: 4.8/5

Price: $176.99 (CURRENTLY ON SALE)

Sizes: S-M-L-XL

Warranty: One Year

Simplicity wins with the clean lines and versatile styling of the Anon Oslo WaveCel Helmet. An excellent all-around snow helmet whether you prefer to lap the park, explore the backside, or experience a little bit of everything, the Oslo WaveCel features a micro-adjustable BO

A® 360 fit system that works in conjunction with the Fidlock® magnetic buckle and WaveCel® shock absorbing technology to give you ease of use and peace of mind.


Brand: SCOTT

Rating: 4.7/5

Price: $161.95

Sizes: L (Limited Remaining Stock)

Warranty: Limited Two Year

For avid backcountry skiers and snowboarders, the Scott Couloir Tour Helmet provides a lightweight, uphill-ready helmet that eliminates any extra foam padding or fleeced liner that's expected for in-bounds skiing or riding. The helmet is designed to fit a beanie underneath for extra cushion or warmth, although the helmet also features comfortable ventilation. Bonus specs include a dedicated groove for headlamps and that 55% of the helmet's materials come from recycled materials, including its liner, straps, and vent plates.


Remember that when it comes to selecting a helmet - even one of these top-market best ski helmets - fit is the single most important factor. Sizing, weight, venting, padding, and adjustability are all key to finding the perfect helmet for you. While bonus features like audio compatibility and sleek designs are great additives, you should only purchase a helmet that is snug but comfortable. There should be less than 2 millimeters of space between your head on the helmet’s padding at a bare minimum.

More seasoned skiers and riders: you should also remember when it is time to replace that trusted bucket of yours. In general, you should replace your helmet after (1) a single hard impact or (2) after 2-3 years of general wear-and-tear. Wearing a helmet beyond either of these events can lead to a reduced level of protection.

Have fun and be safe out there, friends. Buying a high-quality helmet may be the single best investment that you could make towards the longevity of your outdoor pursuits.

We'll see you on the slopes.


Several winter gear retails are currently hosting "End of Season" sales on skiing, snowboarding, and other winter recreational gear - even though we are still in the prime of ski season. Check out industry-leading retailers like EVO, Backcountry, and others to capitalize on these sales!


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