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  • #TrailTuesday: Rediscovering Proud Lake's Wild Northwestern Loops

    There's no one else at Proud Lake Recreation Area's equestrian staging area trailhead. Combat has yet to occur on these trails (knock on wood), but the northwestern stretches of Proud Lake It is our honor to reintroduce Proud Lake State Recreation Area now. In terms of recreational potential, Proud Lake undoubtedly represents a land of opportunity. Proud Lake's main campground in the early 1960s with his youth church group.

  • #TrailTuesday: Proud Lake State Recreation Area's Figure 8 Loops

    This edition criss-crosses the Huron River on Proud Lake State Recreation Area's Marsh, River, Red, and Join us as we discover why Proud Lake's trails have established themselves as Detroit region favorites to Proud Lake's main campground in the early 1960s with his youth church group. Lake's main hiking trailhead, located just east of the Proud Lake State Recreation Area's headquarters as you trek through the heart of Proud Lake's eastern segment.

  • Thru-Hiking the Chief Pontiac Trail, Pt. II: Proud Lake to Kensington

    Along the banks of the Huron River and through the towering pines of Proud Lake, we retraced the generational CHIEF PONTIAC TRAIL: Proud Lake Modern Campground to Kensington Metropark Total Distance: 7.83 miles Lake Recreation Area's Modern Campground (for overnight campers), Proud Lake's Huron River Fishing Site Heading out from Proud Lake's Modern Campground, I had to immediately accept the fact that I would be Detroit route" provides a far more panoramic view of Proud Lake State Recreation Area.

  • Thru-Hiking the Chief Pontiac Trail, Pt. I: Highland to Proud Lake

    CHIEF PONTIAC TRAIL: Highland Recreation Area to Proud Lake Modern Campground Total Distance: 11.30 You will still need to walk 0.3 miles to reach the northern boundary of Proud Lake State Recreation Area Once across the bridge, the next mile of Proud Lake hiking provides a highlight reel sprint of some of Continue south as you hike around the far eastern bank of Proud Lake's very scenic marsh. All that remains in front of you is an eastward two-track trail that dead ends at Proud Lake's Modern

  • #TrailTuesday: Rediscovering Highland's Historic Haven Hill Loop

    shores of stunning Haven Hill Lake. Alright, there may be a picnic shelter and a hundred-ish yards of sporting fields between the lake and The Huron River and its endless supply of adventures wait for you along its idyllic banks at Proud Lake The best launch points at Proud Lake can be found at the Proud Lake Campground, Moss Lake Dam, and the From Proud Lake, you can easily paddle the 2.6 miles downstream to Milford Central Park - or, as we like

  • Trail Town Spotlight: The Outdoor Guide to Milford, Michigan

    Certain sections of Highland and Proud Lake are also open to hunting, and Alpine Valley Mountain Resort Starting from one of Proud Lake's several launching locations, you can handle downstream directly to Recreation Area, the Proud Lake/Kensington Connector, and Hickory Glen). OFF THE BEATEN PATH: Proud Lake Trail Running Proud Lake State Recreation Area is very well-known for Lake Equestrian Stage Area farther down the road (best for parking).

  • Embrace the Dark Pt. III: Best Night Hiking Trails near Detroit

    I've said it once, twice, and maybe a thousand times: Proud Lake State Recreation Area is one of the For the uninitiated, Wixom Road bifurcates Proud Lake into two distinct western and eastern zones. As you can imagine, summers at Proud Lake can often feel more like a waterpark than a "Walden Pond"-style As I mentioned above, the eastern zone of Proud Lake typically represents the "hot zone" for foot traffic Having the best of the best of Proud Lake to yourself - Moss Lake Dam, the Proud Lake Marsh boardwalks

  • Exploring the Five Best Hiking Trails near Detroit

    The River and Blue Trails | Proud Lake State Recreation Area Distance: 5.75 miles Elevation Gain: Lake Dam. Lake that are open to hunting. Lake. While you can follow the DNR road south towards Proud Lake, the Blue Trail actually continues northeast

  • Five Best Ways to Celebrate "Michigan Trails Week" this Month

    south from Island Lake State Recreation Area, while bikers can easily stop over at Parmenter's Northville Lake-Kensington Metropark segment. 4. From the narrow inlets of Proud Lake State Recreation Area to the enormity of Kensington Metropark's Kent Lake, the raging rapids of Delhi Metropark and Argo Cascades to the leisurely flow of Oakwoods Metropark Park, Proud Lake State Recreation Area, Belle Isle Park, and Brighton State Recreation Area.

  • The Detroit Mountains: Exploring the Jackson Interlobate Range

    edge of this map - the extensive, darkest shade of green that runs largely consecutively from Grass Lake I completed the trail over 3 days/2 nights, camping at the Pines and Green Lake Campgrounds. THRU-PADDLE THE UPPER HURON FROM PROUD LAKE STATE RECREATION AREA TO HURON MEADOWS METROPARK Location : Proud Lake State Recreation Area, Kensington Metropark, Island Lake State Recreation Area, and Huron Lake Recreation Area's several launching points to their dock of choice downstream.

  • Top Ten Outdoor Events near Detroit throughout April 2023

    Lakes, April 1st marks "Opening Day" for the great migration back to our trails. Seize the Day - and Night - at the Carpe Diem/Noctem Trail Race April 8th | Proud Lake State Recreation Now is the PERFECT time to run Proud Lake's famous trails that you've missed all winter long. Lake's loops for both their morning and evening runs. Science-backed conservation works, and we at Expedition Detroit are proud to support it.

  • #TrailTuesday: Island Lake Yellow Trail Loop

    park's scenic roadways, and paddling the inner waterways of Spring Mill Pond, Trout Lake, Kent Lake, and, of course, Island Lake. At the end of Kent Lake Beach Road, the paved Island Lake Pathway bifurcates into the Huron Valley Trail the heart of Downtown Milford, its proprietary Mountain Bike Trail, and within the purview of both Proud Lake and Highland State Recreation Areas.

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