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  • Guided Backpacking: Maybury State Park

    Welcome to Maybury State Park in Northville, Michigan! Maybury's rolling hills, dense forests, and scenic wetland vistas provide an ideal locale to start your journey into the world of backpacking. Perfect for first-time or new-ish backpackers, this introductory-level day trip includes instruction on how to properly plan for a backpacking trip, tips on packing your backpack, and practical field training on proper form and pacing - all while exploring one of the Detroit region's most beloved trails, the Maybury State Park "Hiking Trail Loop." Don't forget to bring all of your gear, including - as always - your spirit for adventure! MORE ON THIS TRAIL: Meeting Point: Trailhead at the eastern parking lot Elevation Gain: 127 feet Trail Rating: Easy Route Orientation: Loop Parking Specifics: Michigan Recreation Passport required for parking at the 8 Mile Trailhead CHECK OUT OUR #TRAILTUESDAY SPOTLIGHT ON THIS TRAIL:

  • Moderate Backpacking: Proud Lake Grand

    Welcome to Proud Lake State Recreation Area in Commerce, Michigan! This moderate-level guided and instructional backpacking expedition provides a "Grand Tour" of Proud Lakes principal hiking trails: a figure-eight pattern traversing the park's popular Marsh, River, Red, and Blue Trails. This route truly provides a highlight reel of southeast Michigan's best natural features. Marshland boardwalks, hardwood forest natural trails, Huron River vistas, towering pines, rolling hills, and the best variety of wildlife viewing opportunities that a naturalist could ever hope for. Perfect for backpackers training for their first overnight trip, this moderate-level day trip includes instruction on how to properly plan for a backpacking trip, tips on packing your backpack, and practical field training on proper form and pacing - all while exploring Proud Lake's most cherished trail system. Don't forget to bring all of your gear, including - as always - your spirit for adventure! MORE ON THIS TRIP: Meeting Point: Wixom Rd. Trailhead parking lot Trail length: 5.6 miles Elevation Gain: 127 feet Trail Rating: Easy-Moderate Route Orientation: Loop Parking Specifics: Michigan Recreation Passport required for parking at the Wixom Rd. Trailhead CHECK OUT OUR #TRAILTUESDAY SPOTLIGHT ON THIS TRAIL:

  • Guided Trail Run: Proud Lake Marsh Loop

    Welcome to Proud Lake State Recreation Area in Commerce, Michigan! Perfect for beginner trail runners looking to leave the pavement behind with a dedicated guide AND coach, this introductory-level trail run will circle Proud Lake's enchanting central marsh along the aptly-named "Marsh Trail." Setting off from Proud Lake's principal trailhead parking lot just east of Wixom Road, this brisk 1.1 mile hike will circle the park's idyllic inland marsh. Your guided trail run will cross boardwalks and natural pathways, all the while providing optimal opportunities for wildlife viewing and scenic vistas of one of southeast Michigan's most cherished wetland habitats. All introductory level trail runs include not only the helpful insights of a local guide, but also coaching on stride, pacing, and potential route hazards. Additional facts regarding this trail: Meeting Point: Wixom Rd. Trailhead parking lot Trail Length: 1.1 miles (perfect for very new trail runners!) Elevation Gain: 19 feet Trail Rating: Very Easy Route Orientation: Loop Parking Specifics: Michigan Recreation Passport required for parking at the Wixom Rd. Trailhead

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  • #TrailTuesday: Exploring the Woods Creek Rustic Trail of Lower Huron Metropark

    Welcome back to our #TrailTuesday Series! This edition explores one of the Huron-Clinton Metroparks' premiere riverside trails: the Woods Creek Rustic Trail of Lower Huron Metropark. Join us as we the rugged ravines, gardens, and riverside views of this Southeast Michigan gem! This may be a polarizing way to start an article, but I'm an unapologetic "List Person." Long-time readers know this all too well by this point, given Expedition Detroit's monthly "Top Outdoor Events" and similar list-orientated articles. What can I say - regardless of planning out an effective workday or the trip of a lifetime, I'm a huge fan of the organization and prioritization that lists can provide. Especially when a singular item, task, or experience checks off multiple items at once. You already know where this is going. Fellow outdoor enthusiasts, we'd like to formally reintroduce a trail that belongs on every list maker's agenda: the Woods Creek Rustic Trail of Lower Huron Metropark. Why? For starters, our resident trail runners will immediately notice that the trail is 3.1 miles long, i.e. a 5K distance. Kayakers and Huron River aficionados will love the trail's uninterrupted mile of riverside access. Oh, and this route is also ordained as one of the coveted 13 "Challenge Trails" included in the Metroparks' 2024 "Trail Challenge" series. And, last but not least, we're proud to feature the Woods Creek Rustic Trail within our #TrailTuesday series! MEET LOWER HURON METROPARK Established in 1951, Lower Huron Metropark constituted the third Metropark and the first to open its gates to the public within Wayne County. Fortuitously straddling both banks of the Huron River in Belleville, Michigan, the park's designers envisioned Lower Huron Metropark's expansive fields and old growth forest to provide an idyllic picnicking location within a short drive from Detroit, Dearborn, and Ann Arbor. The future completion of I-94 and I-275, and their proximity to the Metropark's boundaries, ensured Lower Huron Metropark's popularity with Metro Detroit's recreational community for generations to come. Jumping ahead to 2024, Lower Huron Metropark has retained its picnicking legacy - as well as a lifetime of recreational opportunities within its 1,256 acres. Visitors can run or inline skate along a paved hike-bike trail - which forms a scenic portion of the Iron Belle Trail and will eventually connect directly to the Border to Border Trail. Other favorite past times at Lower Huron include shoreline fishing, paddling along the Huron, and observing waterfowl and other wildlife on the water. Summer at the metropark also features zipping down two waterslides, drifting along a lazy river, and getting soaked under the 300-gallon dumping bucket at the Turtle Cove Family Aquatic Center. All idyllic family-friendly activities to pair with your natural experience hiking along the Woods Creek Rustic Trail. Now let's get to the trail. HIT THE TRAIL Total Distance: 3.1 miles Elevation Gain: 164 feet Trail Rating: Easy Route Orientation: Loop Parking Specifics: Parking available at trailhead parking lots (Metroparks Pass required) From the Woods Creek Rd. Trailhead - prominently marked by the Metroparks' trademark kiosk - the only way to head is down. According to AllTrails, that means a 40 foot drop-off just past the eastern end of the parking lot. For Expedition Detroit, we hiked due north past the kiosk towards the "Metroparks Trail Challenge" sign before descending the boardwalk stairs turning east on the first natural trail that we came across. Regardless of your chosen approach to the Woods Creek Rustic Trail, all routes will converge by the 0.1 mile marker. You'll then cross a scenic bridge, stumble upon a panoramic view of the Huron River, and then turn west for the most fun - and challenging - segment of the trail. Don't let the gorgeous views of the Huron distract you too much - the roots are coming. Once you start trekking parallel to the river, the next mile of hiking consists of a roller coaster of dramatic, scenic, and root-filled hiking. The chasm that hits at the 0.3 mile marker is particularly memorable, although the sharp climbs and descents throughout this segment of the trail all stand out in their own right. You'll know that you're getting close to the Huron River turnoff when you hit a series of successive hills - three to be exact - starting at the 0.6 mile marker. Each one slightly lower in elevation than the last, until you finally reach the lowest point of the entire trail along the banks of the Huron River. As you might expect, the next 0.3 miles consists largely of a climb from the river, through the woods, until finally reaching a segment that we've dubbed "The Plateau." If you're a trail runner, then this is the perfect stretch for you: 0.8 miles of largely uninterrupted, consistent, and flowing wooded trail. We don't know what the Strava record is for this segment, but it's probably ripe for the breaking. Regardless of the pace that you'll be running or hiking at, The Plateau is a great opportunity for your legs to recoup their strength and stability after the earlier "rollercoaster" segment. Absolutely take advantage of The Plateau's predictability if needed, because the final 0.8 miles (which starts at the bottom of the most extended descent of the trail) brings back - you guessed it - more rollercoaster hills. Don't worry though, they're a much tamer subset of the previous rolling terrain that you conquered at the start of the hike. You'll know that the rollercoaster is slowing to a halt when the parking lot comes back into sight. MORE ON THE METROPARKS National Parks. State Parks. Municipal Parks. For most states, these are your sole recreational options, and anyone who has ample access to them should consider themselves as recreationally blessed. Although beautiful, these parks are often either spatially limited (municipal parks), remotely located (state parks), or exceedingly rare (national parks). The net result? Aspiring outdoor enthusiasts living in an urban area like Metro Detroit often find themselves stranded without quick access to world-class outdoor opportunities. Fortunately for all of us, the Metropark Authority has actively addressed this problem in the Detroit region for nearly a century. Starting in the late 1930s, Dr. Henry S. Curtis and Professor Harlow O. Whittemore set out to create a new "metropolitan park system" consisting of at least four connected parks, each spanning roughly 1,000 acres of land along the Huron and Clinton River watersheds. This vision evolved into 25,000 interconnected park system, spanning 5 counties and establishing one of the largest regional park systems in the country. Kensington Metropark, the first Metropark, opened it forests and waterways for recreational business in 1947; Wolcott Mill Metropark, the 13th and most recent Metropark, continued the tradition in 1989. The mission of the Metroparks includes the conservation and provision of excellent recreational and educational opportunities, while simultaneously serving as stewards of Southeast Michigan's natural resources. The Metroparks welcome over 7.3 million annual visitors through their parkways, as well as facilitate access to world-class hiking, mountain biking, cycling, kayaking, picnicking, fishing, swimming, boating, golf, disc golf, winter sports, and a host of special outdoor program opportunities. Looking forward to later this year, the Metroparks will continue their history of progression with establishing their first presence within the City of Detroit. As announced last winter, part of the forthcoming Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Centennial Park along the world-famous Detroit Riverfront will include a 2.5 acre "water garden" that will officially be named the Huron-Clinton Metroparks Water Garden. This exciting development, including its walking paths, seating areas, educational signage, and open-air classrooms intended to engage visitors, represents the latest phase of the dynamic and transformative partnership between the Metroparks and Detroit Riverfront Conservancy. The #TrailTuesday Series idea started as a recommendation from readers looking for a deeper analysis into the individual trails that define Detroit's vast network. One of our main goals for this platform is to produce content that reflects the outdoor interests and desires of our community, so please continue to provide us with your suggestions via our contact form or here in the comments!

  • Bridging Borders: Enjoy Detroit's Outdoor Future along the Border to Border Trail

    With the Detroit region positioned to set the international standard for world-class trail infrastructure, Washtenaw County's transformative "Border to Border Trail" provides a glimpse into the ground-breaking future of our outdoor ecosystem. Here are our key takeaways from the B2B Trail's annual kick-off event! Tuesday, April 23rd, 2024. Just after 5PM. Like the eerie calm before a tsunami strikes, nearly all of the Detroit region is bracing itself for the tidal wave of record-breaking visitors set to attend the 2024 NFL Draft in Downtown Detroit. Surely all of Detroit's recreational fandom would be caught up in the football-frenzied fray, especially in the wake of such a historic season. Believe it or not, the NFL Draft did not capture the entirety of Southeast Michigan's sports attention. Even the visionary owner of the Detroit Lions took her attention - definitely a well-deserved break - off of the historic event. Instead, Mrs. Hamp has joined a hundred or so zealous recreational advocates, in Ann Arbor, at an event called "Maps & Taps": the spring 2024 kick-off event for the Border to Border Trail, i.e. the "B2B Trail," one of the Detroit region's most transformative trail-building initiatives. What is the Border to Border Trail? None other than Washtenaw County's most ambitious, community-enriching, and industry-redefining trail infrastructure project since, well, ever. A visionary 55-mile (once complete), 10 foot wide, ADA accessible, paved pathway connecting far more than just Rawsonville in the county's southeast to Stockbridge and Pinckney in the northwest. The B2B will provide the critical link between the Mike Levine Lakelands Trail State Park and Waterloo State Recreation Area, Pinckney State Recreation Area, thee Huron-Clinton Metroparks, the Huron River National Water Trail, and countless municipal parks. A non-motorized transportation corridor linking praised trail towns like Chelsea, Dexter, Ann Arbor, and Ypsilanti. The full Border to Border Trail System The Expedition Detroit team was lucky enough to score a ticket to this year's Maps & Taps. As in we snagged one of the last of the highly-sought tickets. And we're so thankful that we did - beyond the festive atmosphere, complete with cornhole, ping pong, darts, beer tickets, silent auction for live art, and a selfie station, Maps & Taps was more of a "Washtenaw County Trails Summit" than simply an informational session. A constructive gathering of movers, shakers, and cheerleaders emotionally and/or financially invested in the generational impact of the Border to Border Trail. By the time that we left Maps & Taps, the forthcoming NFL Draft was legitimately an after-thought - merely a prelude to the sustainable regional change that is already drawing headlines to Michigan's outdoor industry. Now, with our heads still buzzing with enthusiasm for what's in store next for the Border to Border Trail, here are Expedition Detroit's key takeaways on the B2B's 2024 agenda and the future of Detroit's trail infrastructure. 1. CRITICAL LINKS IN PROCESS FOR THE "GREAT TRAILS STATE" Michigan is in the midst of a self-fulfilling prophecy. In the Michigan DNR's 2021 "Trails Plan" for the 2022-2032 decade, one of the agency's stated goals included that "Michigan will solidify its national recognition as the Trails State by providing diverse and sustainable trail experiences to encourage health and wellness." The cornerstone of this masterplan is the forthcoming Iron Belle Trail - a 2,000 mile hiking experience that will constitute the longest state-designated trail in the U.S. - connecting Downtown Detroit with Ironwood in the Upper Peninsula. But wait, there's more. The trail equivalent of a Russian matryoshka doll, the completed Iron Belle Trail will form a material portion of the North Country National Scenic Trail: a 4,800 behemoth of a trail stretching from the Green Mountains in Vermont, through both Michigan peninsulas, and reaching its western terminus in the buttes of North Dakota. The North Country Trail connects directly to the Appalachian National Scenic Trail in the east and the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail in the west. And - as the cherry on top - the Iron Belle Trail will connect directly to the 14,996 mile-long Trans Canada Trail via the Gordie Howe International Bridge. With that scale in mind, the hyper-focus on the Border to Border Trail's development compounds in significance. Why? Because the B2B Trail represents the critical missing link between all of North America's great trails. That's right. If someone ever wanted to hike the TCT, then the NCT, all while on their way to the AT or a western trail, that ridiculously nomadic thru-hiker would have to trek the B2B first. In 2024, the Border to Border Trail will make significantly strides in connecting those critical links. Here's a rundown of the high-ticket construction items currently in progress: Ann Arbor: 0.63 mile segment that will cross the Barton Nature Area and the construction of the Barton Bandemer Tunnel under the railroad lin, connecting Bandemer Park to Huron River Drive Chelsea-Stockbridge Connection: 1.6 mile segment from North Territorial Road to Boyce Road long M-52, which will provide 6.3 miles of continuous trail. Dexter-Ann Arbor Connection: 1.3 mile segment from Zeeb Road to Delhi Metropark, including the 4th B2B Trail bridge over the Huron River and a connection between 3 Metroparks - a key component of a larger plan to connect all 13 Huron-Clinton Metroparks via a single trail. Dexter-Chelsea Connection: 0.7 mile segment that will complete the remaining distance from Wylie to Parker Road along Dexter Chelsea Road. Dexter Connection: 0.8 mile segment crossing Mill Creek, including the addition of a B2B Trail bridge and completing the connection into Downtown Dexter. 2. CONSTRUCTING AN INCLUSIVE OUTDOOR DESTINATION Diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives - commonly referred to as "DEI" - have held a central pillar in the progression of the outdoor economy for several years now. From industry-leading retailers and advocacy groups to governmental agencies, the outdoor industry as a whole has sought to advocate for and implement such policies throughout every facet of their operations. For the Border to Border Team, advocating for DEI initiatives isn't just part of their core beliefs. It's a concept worth commemorating - prominently - through the construction of Title IX Plaza within Dexter-Huron Metropark. Resulting from a joint project between the B2B Team, Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative (HWPI), Huron-Clinton Metroparks, and Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Commission, Title IX Plaza will honor the positive impact of Title IX's legislation on women's sports in southeast Michigan. The plaza is expected to open this summer 2024. DEI-focused projects like the Title IX Place are both fantastic and undeniably necessary for the growth and sustainability of the outdoor recreation industry. While the great outdoors represents a hallowed destination to find peace and refuge from modern society, the sad truth remains that this has not - and for certain demographics, still does not - reflect the experience of all aspiring athletes and recreationists. Discrimination based on gender, race, sexual orientation, and identity has left a deep stain on our outdoor culture. Our outdoor community must commit to continued intentional action - such as publicly commemorating historic feats in combating discrimination - for creating an inclusive and vibrant outdoors for all. 3. IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A TRAIL Nonprofit organizations are one of society's most effective agents of change. With the "profit" variable omitted from the operational equation, nonprofits have the freedom to align their values solely with their mission. For the team at Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative, that means pouring every dollar into imagining, designing, building, and maintaining the B2B Trail for Washtenaw County. The elimination of "profit" can have its drawbacks though. Without the consistent cash flow of for-profit companies, project timelines and implementation can be dramatically slowed by any lulls in donor funding or volunteer availability. That's where we - the trail users and ultimate beneficiaries of their mission - can make our greatest impact. The truth simply is that the B2B Trail would likely still be in its genesis if it weren't for the support of private donors, impactful partners, and the recreationally-passionate residents of Washtenaw County. Since 2000, the Washtenaw County Parks & Recreation and the Roads and Non-Motorized Trails millages have allowed the county to invest more than $40M in the planning, design, and construction of trail projects like the B2B Trail. The millions of dollars of private donations - as well countless volunteer hours spent at trail stewardship events - have exponentially turned the B2B from a trailside vision to its current reality. Wondering how you can best support the B2B Trail? Here are a few of our suggestions: Sign Up to be a Trail Volunteer: The B2B Trail Team hosts volunteer trail events throughout the year! Sign up here to get your name on the shortlist for upcoming events. Pioneer a Personal Cleanup Event: Ready to make an immediate impact on your favorite trail? All that you need are good trekking shoes, gloves, a trash bag, and your preferred segment of the B2B. Don't forget to share your cleanup success with the team! Share Your Adventures: We can't underestimate how important it is to publicize your amazing time spent outdoors! While social media can be a hot topic, one aspect underlining its importance is that it broadcasts exciting opportunities or experiences to a broad audience. Don't forget to tag @B2BTrail in your posts - you know what, tag @expeditiondetroit too while you're at it. Become a Donor: Simply put, there's no better way to make a lasting impact than to become a regular donor of a transformative organization like the Border to Border Trail. All financial donations to the B2B Trail are administered by the Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative (HWPI), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, so contributions are 100% tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. Expedition Detroit is proud to work with important trail advocacy organizations like the Border to Border Trail, Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative, and other organizations that stand on the frontlines of transforming the Detroit region into a preeminent outdoor destination. If you have an organization that is aligned with our mission to create and accelerate value for Detroit’s emerging outdoor industry, then we invite you to contact us at

  • Top 10 Outdoor Events near Detroit throughout May 2024

    Detroit's outdoor floodgates are open! May's arrival signals the launch of "primetime" for our region's recreational ecosystem, and these "Top 10 Outdoor Events near Detroit" are perfect for exploring the wealth of outdoor experiences waiting for you this May. "What a time to be in Detroit..!" Those words reverberated around my head while walking up Woodward Avenue towards Campus Martius last week. More specifically, last Thursday. Alongside 275,000 of my closest friends at the historic 2024 NFL Draft hosted downtown. The sensation of hometown pride pulsating through the streets of Detroit was palpable. Beautiful. Unforgettable. And yet, for us at Expedition Detroit, our region's ability to draw record visitor figures like that represents only the tip of the iceberg for the transformative change that Detroit's experiencing. Especially in the outdoor arena, the Detroit region increasingly attracts major headlines and accolades as one of North America's emerging outdoor adventure hotspots. Like our spring wildflowers, the countless hours spent by local volunteer organizations and trail advocates are finally blooming for the world to marvel at. The expansion of the Metroparks into the Detroit Riverfront and opening of the Gordie Howe International Bridge will only further that narrative. Again - what a time to be in Detroit. Especially now, in early May, when the masterpiece that is our regional outdoor ecosystem finally is back on full display. With our parks and trails now firing on all fronts, spring in Metro Detroit's outdoors can represent a chaotic, daunting challenge. Like a child walking into Disney World for the first time, the sudden inundation of recreational opportunities available to us can be paralyzing. As we all recalibrate to primetime in our outdoors, these Top Ten Outdoor Events near Detroit will ease the transition by providing fun, engaging, challenging, and rewarding experiences for the whole family to enjoy. Plus...we've thrown in a few special discounts for you to enjoy. Happy May - we can't wait to see you outside! 1. Experience the Great Trails State at the Michigan Made Run May 4th | Indian Springs Metropark | 8:00 a.m. Prime time outdoor season is BACK in the "Great Trails State" - and there's no better way to celebrate than with a Michigan-themed run! Kick off your first weekend in May by running in one of TOMORROW'S "Michigan Made Run" events at Indian Springs Metropark in White Lake, which include 5K, 8 Mile, Half Marathon, and "Kids Run" events (Kids Run starts at 10 a.m.). As expected with our #ExpeditionPartner Running Venture, all race participants will receive top-tier race swag: a custom shirt, hat, finisher medal, and complimentary refreshments. Standout runners can also earn additional awards for top male and female finishers in each event, as well as top 3 age group awards. Don't forget that a Metropark sticker is required for entry to the park, although you will be able to purchase one on race morning upon entry. THERE'S STILL TIME TO REGISTER! SAVE 50% WITH CODE "EXPMICH" 2. Celebrate Detroit's Resident Prehistoric Fish at Sturgeon Day May 4th  | Milliken State Park  | 10:00 a.m. Have you ever met one of the Detroit region's oldest residents? No, we're not talking about some kind elderly soul residing within one of our city's storied neighborhoods. We're referring to a particular fish that has witnessed every phase of our environment's evolution - even surviving near extinction at the turn of the 21st century. TOMORROW, head down to Milliken State Park along the Detroit Riverfront to celebrate "Sturgeon Day" with the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy! This unique (and free) event will not only feature interactive exhibits starring the resurgent Lake Sturgeon, but also include games fit for all ages, arts & crafts, food trucks, learning activities sponsored by the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge, and so much more. 3. Gaze into Galaxy Far, Far Away at a Dark Sky Preserve May 4th  | Point Pelee National Park, ON | 7:30 p.m. May the Fourth be with you! Hear that phrase an obnoxious amount of times on Saturday, you will. For the uninformed, May 4th has been unofficially dubbed "Star Wars Day" due to its play on words resemblance to the iconic Star Wars saying "May the Force be with you." So...if you're going to spend your Saturday being bombarded with intergalactic vernacular, why not get into the spirit by gazing into the cosmos at an international dark sky park? Finish off a jam-packed May 4th by jumping into light speed and heading over to Point Pelee National Park - the best stargazing destination in the Detroit region - for their celebratory "Dark Sky Nights" event! This outing is especially catered towards star-gazing tourists willing to brave cooler temperatures at night, with amenities including extended visitor hours, seasonal star charts, and the combined natural beauty of the park and the cosmos. Plus, this month's event will include a spotlight on real objects that have either a specific connection to the stories of the Star Wars universe! 4. Protect Your Parks at a DNR Volunteer Workday Throughout May | Bald Mountain, Brighton, Highland, and Waterloo State Recreation Areas | 9 a.m. As Mahatma Gandhi so eloquently stated, "Action expresses priorities." As applied to our region's outdoors, the Expedition Detroit team interprets this statement as a call to care for the people and places that you value, and that your values should further manifest into action. We care immensely for our wildest, most pristine outdoor destinations, as well as for the team at the Michigan Department of Natural Resources that so diligently cares for them. Any opportunity to assist the DNR with their operations is an opportunity well-worth seizing. Fortunately for all of us, the DNR has taken the lead in sponsoring several official "Volunteer Stewardship Workday" events across the Detroit region at the following locations: Waterloo State Recreation Area (May 5th, 11th, and 18th) Bald Mountain State Recreation Area (May 11th) Highland State Recreation Area (May 12th) Brighton State Recreation Area (May 19th) Work crew activities will focus on eliminating highly invasive garlic mustard that threatens to take over woodland environments. Rain boots or other waterproof boots are recommended for these events, and preregistration is required. 5. Run for the Ale of It May 10th | Detroit, MI | 6:30 p.m. Beer and 5Ks are a match made in heaven. We don't know who the first genius was to recognize that a crisp beer beats the hell out of a finish line banana, but they sincerely deserve a Nobel Prize for such a great contribution to outdoor society. Beer tents at finish lines are now as common as podiums, and any race bib that doesn't feature a tear-off beer coupon is a bib not worth wearing. RF Event's "Hightail to Ale" 5K race - sponsored by Atwater Brewery - perfects this concept with a Friday evening event that ends, naturally, with a party. Starting and finishing at Atwater, runners will enjoy the scenic riverfront course before earning their finisher's medal, custom pint glass, and complimentary brew. This can't-miss event will also feature a huge crowd to cheer you on, live music, and food trucks. Oh, and did we mention beer..? 6. Start a New Holiday Tradition with Mom May 12th | Ann Arbor, MI | 8:00 a.m. My Mom always encouraged an active, outdoor lifestyle for my brothers and I. Long before I ever had aspirations towards long-distance running, my dear mother all but forced me to run a few miles each day in order for me to get a less-than-fit middle schooler in-shape for my upcoming sports tryouts. Mother truly knew best - even if my angsty younger self vehemently disagreed. A few decades later, I can properly thank and celebrate her by signing us both up for a special Mother's Day 5K race: the Mother's Day Time to Teal Run in Downtown Ann Arbor. Beyond representing another holiday 5K tradition to add the list, this event both celebrates the incredible women in our lives AND raises awareness for ovarian cancer. A portion of registration fees also support the mission and operations of the Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance, so you (and mom) will truly be running for a cause. 7. Hike for Freedom at the Human Trafficking Resource Fair May 18th | Belle Isle Park | 8:00 a.m. For us at Expedition Detroit, there's never a bad reason to go for a hike. There are only good, great, or fantastic reasons. But this month, the Sparrow Freedom Project invites us all to join them on one of the most impactful and important reasons to hike the trails of Belle Isle Park: promote awareness of services available in the Metro Detroit area for survivors of human trafficking and exploitation. Starting at the Cricket Field, the purpose of the"5k Freedom Walk" is to raise funds to support Sparrow Freedom Project's mission and help shed light on the reality of human trafficking within our region and around the world. During the event, hikers and attendees will have access to life saving information about human trafficking, including the myths and realities of this dark underworld. The event also represents an opportunity for service providers to network and build relationships with the goal of facilitating education and advocacy. Tickets to the event are available here! 7. Find your Next Passion at O.A.K. in the Hills May 18th | Thelma Spencer Park, Rochester Hills, MI | 11:00 a.m. If May represents the "Great Awakening" of our regional outdoor ecosystem, then there's no better time to discover your next recreational passion than at the inaugural O.A.K. in the Hills event! OAK - short for "Outdoor Adventure Kickoff" - with consist of an outdoor activity extravaganza geared towards introducing attendees to the full spectrum of recreational opportunities in the Detroit region and beyond. The event will provide instruction and exhibition opportunities for hiking, biking, rock climbing, kayaking, archery, fishing, pickleball, bee keeping, puppy yoga (we're sold)...and so much more. This fantastic AND free event is sponsored by the City of Rochester Hills, Oakland County Parks, and MooseJaw. 8. Celebrate the Aquatic Life at the Huron River Day Festival May 19th | Island Park, Ann Arbor, MI | 12:00 p.m. The Huron River - the central vein of the Detroit region's recreational ecosystem - is worth celebrating every day of every season. That's undeniable. However, the Huron truly comes alive in May, both in terms of returned wildlife, wildflower blooms - and the influx of paddlers and anglers eager to experience both! In honor of the Huron, the City of Ann Arbor's Parks and Recreation Department is hosting its annual "Huron River Day" festival at Island Park! The festival will include discounted boat rentals, children's activities, river exhibits, live music, and food trucks/carts. The festival also includes complementary bicycle tune-ups, half hour nature walks, and - we kid you not - water gun squirting lessons. 9. Start Memorial Day on the Right Foot with a Community Race May 27th  | Milford, MI | 8:00 a.m. Out of all the quintessential trail towns that host special Memorial Day events, Downtown Milford is without a doubt one of our favorites. Beyond the town's annual parade, epic flyovers, and impressive memorial to all of the United States' fallen heroes since the Revolutionary War, Milford's festivities also include a special pre-parade tradition to kick-off its wealth of community events: the annual Milford Memorial Day Run. Sponsored by our #ExpeditionPartner Running Venture, the Milford Memorial Day Run starts at 8 a.m. with its 5K and 10K races along the beautiful Milford-Kensington Trail! A special "Kid's Run" also starts at 9:30 a.m., leaving plenty of time to trek over from the race's finish line at the Carl's Family Y.M.C.A. to Main Street. All runner's will receive a custom shirt, finisher award, and complimentary refreshments. There will also be special awards for the top male and female finishers in each event, along with top 3 in each age group! EXPEDITION DETROIT+ SUBSCRIBERS SAVE 20% ON THIS EVENT! 10. Go Jurassic at the T-Rex Triathlon Series May 29th | Island Lake State Recreation Area | 6:00 p.m. No sport celebrates the return of warm weather quite like a triathlon. Beyond the practical impossibility of swimming in a frozen Kent Lake during winter, a triathlon forces each participant to embrace the elements as they are. The crisp cool of flowing water. The radiant heat of the trail. The warming rays of the sun. And you, the tri-sport athlete, joined by hundreds of your new best friends navigating the variables of a race designed to challenge and reward you. In our opinion, every outdoor enthusiast should complete at least one triathlon in their life. Fortunately for all of us, our friends at RF Events are hosting four this year within their "T-Rex Spring Triathlon Series." The first event of the series - the "Stegosaurus Triathlon and Duathlon" - will be held at Island Lake State Recreation Area and consist of both a sprint triathlon (0.5 mile swim, 12.4 mile cycle, and 5K run) and duathlon (1.5 mile run, 12.4 mile cycle, and 5K run) events. All finishers will receive a custom medal and finish-line food! Do you host an upcoming outdoor event that you would like to be featured in a future article? If yes, then we would love to hear from you! Please contact us at to discuss Expedition Detroit feature opportunities.

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    ADVENTURE STARTS HERE World-class outdoors. One hour from Downtown Detroit. ​ CHOOSE YOUR EXPEDITION In The Woods On The Water Down The Hill On The Trail On The Hunt START YOUR ADVENTURE join us on our guided outdoor adventures Expedition Detroit proudly offers the largest variety of guided hiking , backpacking , and trail running services throughout southeast Michigan. With trips occurring across 11 state parks, we can't wait to guide you on your next outdoor adventure! BOOK YOUR EXPEDITION May 13 OUTDOOR VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES Bridging Borders: Enjoy Detroit's Outdoor Future along the Border to Border Trail May 3 LIFESTYLE Top 10 Outdoor Events near Detroit throughout May 2024 May 2 HIKING AND BACKPACKING 5 Amazing Ways Guided Hike Tours Elevate Your Outdoor Experience Apr 24 LIFESTYLE The Ultimate Adventure Guide to the 2024 NFL Draft in Detroit Apr 11 LIFESTYLE Top Five Outdoor Events near Detroit remaining in April 2024 ratings-display.rating-aria-label (1) Apr 1 ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION ADVOCACY Michigan's Outdoor Ecosystem is Evolving - and the Headlines are Following MOST RECENT ARTICLES Direct from the field to your feed. EXPLORE MORE WORK WITH US We work with industry-leading brands and hometown retailers alike in our mission towards building a better outdoor ecosystem for Detroit. From retailers to influencers, manufacturers to advocates - if your work creates value for Detroit's outdoor community, then we want to work alongside you. our partners To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. LEARN MORE Subscribe to the Expedition Detroit Newsletter! SIGN UP Thanks for submitting - you have been added to our monthly Newsletter subscriber list. We can't wait to see you out there! the Expedition Detroit Official Store Whether you're in the field, at the gym, or on the couch, we have prepared our favorite threads for your next adventure. Champions Series - One Pride Blue Athletic Shirt Price $29.99 Out of Stock Expedtion Smile Flannel Price $50.00 Add to Cart Champions Series - Hockeytown Red Athletic Shirt Price $29.99 Out of Stock Branded Camp Hatchet by Motor City Axe Price $99.99 Add to Cart Deer Camp Hoodie Price $56.00 Add to Cart Branded Camp Axe by Motor City Axe Price $139.99 Add to Cart Crop Hoodie Price $52.00 Add to Cart Columbia Fleece Jacket Price $76.50 Add to Cart Expedition Wine Tumbler Price $21.99 Add to Cart Embroidered Champion Packable Jacket Price $54.00 Add to Cart Organic Ribbed Beanie Price $22.00 Add to Cart Classic Dad Hat Price $26.00 Add to Cart Women’s Cropped Windbreaker Price $54.00 Add to Cart Premium Eco Hoodie Price $62.50 Add to Cart Expedition Fanny Pack Price $32.99 Add to Cart Kids Fleece Hoodie Price $39.50 Add to Cart SHOP FULL STORE About Expedition Detroit READ MORE The Detroit Region: a world-class outdoor destination worth exploring, celebrating, and protecting. That is the core belief of this business, and every aspect of our operations originate from it. ​ Expedition Detroit is your go-to source for original content, guided adventures, and recreational gear for exploring the best outdoor opportunities within an hour's drive of Downtown Detroit. From well-known experiences to hidden gems, top-tier gear to time-tested survivalist tips, volunteer opportunities to recreational advocacy, our sole focus is to support, inspire, and expand Detroit's outdoor community. ​ We can't wait to see you out there. Let's Get Social

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    EARN COMMISSIONS WITH EASY TO EARN. FREE TO SIGN UP. SUPPORTS SMALL BUSINESS AND DETROIT'S OUTDOORS . JOIN OUR AFFILIATE PROGRAM Earn commissions from promoting Expedition Detroit guided trips and store products!

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    ACCESS ALL OF DETROIT'S OUTDOORS! Subscribe to EXPEDITION DETROIT+ for exclusive access to SPECIAL OFFERS, PREMIUM CONTENT, and SUBSCRIBER-ONLY PRICING on GUIDED TRIPS and PRODUCTS! Best Value EXPEDITION DETROIT+ $ 4.99 4.99$ Every month Access to Detroit's premium outdoor content, experiences, and products! 7 day free trial JOIN NOW 40% off of ALL GUIDED TRIPS! 25% off of MICHIGAN "REEL CRAFT PASS" purchase! 25% off of ALL EXPEDITION DETROIT STORE PRODUCTS! 20% off of ALL RUNNING VENTURE RACES! Access to premium outdoor articles, videos, and more! MEMBERS ONLY BENEFITS

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