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8 x 10″ ONE-COLOR BLOCK PRINT, printed on black lightweight high-quality printmaking paper.


In cycling culture, when one of our own dies on the road, we put up a memorial to that fallen rider. It’s a bike all painted in white and we call it a ghost bike. It’s both a way to remember the friends we’ve lost and to remind drivers to share the road.


When a cyclist gets hit, the most common excuse from the driver is that they didn’t see the cyclist. That’s no excuse for putting someone else’s life in danger.


Note from the artist: I don’t make a lot of art from a place of pain and anger, but this is one of those times. I’ve been buzzed by careless, scared, or angry drivers too many times to count and I have plenty of friends who have gotten hit. It’s absurd that I’m risking my life when I ride, to someone who’s just too impatient to wait for enough space to pass. No destination is as important as a life.



Brian Fritz is an artist and printmaker based in Michigan. He makes nature-themed art, specializing in birds, bikes, and landscapes in bold colors. He's been making art as long as he's been alive, but professionally since 2014.


Can You See Me Now? Print

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  • Printed on black lightweight high-quality printmaking paper with Cranfield Caligo Safewash inks. The print is a linocut made from Blick Goldencut linoleum and printed by hand.

    Order includes a one-color bike block print on 8 x 10 black lightweight high-quality printmaking paper, hand-printed with Cranfield Caligo Safewash inks.