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5 Amazing Ways Guided Hike Tours Elevate Your Outdoor Experience

Looking to shake up your everyday life with new adventures - especially right here in Metro Detroit? Look no further - here are the amazing ways that a guided hike tour will elevate your outdoor experience!

expedition detroit guided hike tours metro michigan outdoors adventure spring summer group

Claire was so nervous that she almost didn’t go. The butterflies crept up from her stomach and up into her throat. With a deep breath, she pushed herself out of the car and walked to the trailhead to meet the group. 

Claire had wanted to get into hiking and other “outdoorsy stuff” for some time, but she didn't have any friends or family that were into that sort of thing. So she kept putting it off, hoping one day for the opportunity or inspiration to strike.

Well, one day turned into one month, then one before the decade threshold, she decided to take a leap of faith and venture out of her comfort zone. She committed herself to pursuing this new passion, even if it meant taking the initiative alone.

But she wouldn't be alone. She booked a guided hike, and a new world of adventure opportunities followed. 

Does this sound like you? 

That’s the difference a guided hike can make. They help you take action and set out on that new adventure you've been dying to try.

On a guided hike, you’ll have a guide in your corner to show you the way. Plus, you'll meet a group of people who, like you, are there to experience all that nature has to offer. That's right - you don't have to explore alone.

In this article, you’ll discover:

  • The differences between a guided hike and a “regular” hike

  • The benefits of guided hikes and how they elevate your outdoor experience 

  • Guided hike tours available in the Metro Detroit area

  • How you can go on your own guided adventure 

Let's dive in!

expedition detroit guided hike tours metro michigan outdoors adventure spring summer group

Guided Hikes vs. Regular Hikes

Hiking gets you out in nature to enjoy the fresh air and exercise. Both guided hikes and regular (or self-guided) hikes are a great way to get outdoors, but there are some key differences between the two experiences.

A guided hike takes you on a pre-planned route with a guide and a group of fellow hikers. At any experience level, you can find benefits within a guided hike tour - but they are particularly helpful if you're a beginner. 

Guided Hikes

Regular Hikes

A hiking guide leads you on a pre-planned and pre-tested route

You research, choose, and plan a route on your own

You hike with a group of people and can make new friends

You either go by yourself or with friends and family

Access to in-depth trail knowledge through your guide

You have to research on your own if you want to know what you’re looking at

Guided hikes give you an added layer to the hiking experience: you'll always have someone who can share their expertise. Plus, you get the opportunity to meet people who also share an interest in outdoor activities! 

expedition detroit guided hike tours metro michigan outdoors adventure spring summer group

1. Guided Hikes Personalize Your Experience

When you go on a guided hike tour, you get a customized outdoor adventure. Hiking guides tailor the activity to the group to accommodate all participants. To personalize your experience, they take into account several aspects of the group.

Hiking guides personalize your tour based on:

  • Experience level & physical ability

  • Age  

  • Location

  • Interests of the group

A hiking guide makes adjustments to meet the needs of the group. For example, the guide can lead with a slower pace if kids are present. This way everyone has an enjoyable hike and leaves feeling great!

expedition detroit guided hike tours metro michigan outdoors adventure spring summer group

2. A Guided Hike Puts You in a Group Setting

One of the best benefits of going on a guided hike tour is the group dynamic. Since you go with a group, you get the added benefits of connection and community

Plus, fostering a sense of connection helps combat feelings of isolation and loneliness. As humans, we’re social creatures by nature. Even if you don't meet your new best friend, you will still get the benefits just by being around other people.  

Here are the core benefits of hiking with a group:

  • You'll meet new people with a common interest in hiking

  • Creates a sense of community through shared experiences 

  • Combats feelings of isolation and loneliness 

You get the chance to meet other people who - just like you - have an interest in hiking and the outdoors. Having something in common makes it SO much easier to get the conversation going and make new friends! 

expedition detroit guided hike tours metro michigan outdoors adventure spring summer group guide dan cooke

3. Hiking Guides Share their Expert Trail Knowledge with You

Hiking guides know the areas they lead you through like the back of their hand. They’ve dedicated a significant portion of their life exploring and learning about the areas that they take you through. They are often familiar with the area’s local history, plants, animals, and geographic terrain.

Oh, and guides share their wealth of in-depth knowledge with you seamlessly while you’re hiking. 

Your guide's expertise helps you to get more out of your guided hike experience by:

  • Helping you be more mindful of your surroundings

  • Increasing your knowledge of local flora and fauna

  • Deepening your appreciation for nature

In other words, you get to learn a lot of new things through first-hand experience. No research required on your part. You simply get to enjoy the experience — all while your guide tells the story and paints the picture for you!

expedition detroit guided hike tours metro michigan outdoors adventure spring summer group

4. Your Safety is the Top Priority on a Guided Hike 

Reputable hiking guides always make sure your safety comes first. Your guide will educate you on any possible dangers or safety concerns throughout your guided hike.

For example, Expedition Detroit's guides will let you know if there’s any poison ivy in the area, tripping hazards, or hidden animal habitats that you need to keep an eye out for. Additional safety equipment can also be provided by your guide based on your selected adventure (for example, headlamps for night hiking).

Your guide takes into account several safety considerations including:

  • Trail conditions

  • Possible hazards 

  • Necessary safety equipment

  • Daylight

You can fully relax and enjoy the hike because you know your guide is watching out for your safety!

expedition detroit guided hike tours metro michigan outdoors adventure spring summer group highland recreation area haven hill

5. A Guided Hike Helps You Discover Hidden Gems

Guided hike tours often explore areas that you may have never been to - or even heard of - otherwise. A guided hike is a great way to discover hidden gems in your own backyard. Or, if you're on vacation, a guided hike will give you an opportunity to experience local natural areas.   

A guided hike can help you:

  • Discover hidden gems you never would have been to otherwise

  • Avoid lengthy research sessions to find the best trails — all you have to do is show up

Here's the bottom line: opting for a guided hike saves you time and energy. They let you experience some awesome new places with minimal effort.

expedition detroit guided hike tours metro michigan outdoors adventure spring summer group

Guided Hike Tours with Expedition Detroit

Expedition Detroit offers you fifteen unique guided hiking experiences in Southeast Michigan! No matter if you’re a complete beginner to exploring the outdoors or a seasoned pro —  we have something for everyone to enjoy.


Beginner & Family Friendly Guided Hikes

Welcome to the world of hiking! These guided hiking tours are a perfect option for beginners, as well as those with little ones, trail pups, or anyone who prefers a more laid-back nature experience.


Intermediate Guided Hikes

Looking for more of a challenge? These intermediate guided hikes are longer with more technically challenging trails. 

Advanced Guided Hikes

Already a hiking pro? No problem! These advanced guided hikes are perfect for those who want to test their strength and endurance. 

expedition detroit guided hike tours metro michigan outdoors adventure spring summer group

Are You Ready to Level Up Your Next Outdoor Adventure?

A guided hike elevates your outdoor experience by adding layers of benefits. Plus, they save you boatloads of time and energy.

They are perfect for beginners and experts alike since your guide will tailor each experience to your group. Especially if you’re on the fence about going out on your own, guided hikes are a great way to get started! 

Are you ready to take on a new outdoor experience? Click the button below to snag your spot on Expedition Detroit's next guided hike!


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