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8 x 10″ THREE-COLOR BLOCK PRINT, printed on white lightweight high-quality printmaking paper.


This bike print is inspired by Andy Warhol’s Triple Elvis, chromatic aberration and color wheels.

The primary colors making up the three impressions overlay and blend to make a set of secondary colors in between them. This effect also gives the print a sense of motion and makes the piece read as fuzzy from a distance.


It is a celebration of inclusion in cycling: some colors are dominant, sure, but they’re all there and that’s a start.


These are hand-pulled prints, so they’re imperfect. But that’s part of the charm of the medium.



Brian Fritz is an artist and printmaker based in Michigan. He makes nature-themed art, specializing in birds, bikes, and landscapes in bold colors. He's been making art as long as he's been alive, but professionally since 2014.


Color Wheels Print

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    Printed on light lightweight high-quality printmaking paper with Cranfield Caligo Safewash inks. The print is a linocut made from Blick Goldencut linoleum and printed by hand.

    Order includes a three-color bike block print on 8 x 10 white lightweight high-quality printmaking paper, hand-printed with Cranfield Caligo Safewash inks..